Apply For a Loan


Apply For a Hard Money Loan

 You may start the loan process either by calling us, or by submitting an application.

  • Use our HMLS Short-form if:

  1. Loan is under $250,000 with LTV up to 65%, and
  2. loan is secured by investment property, and
  3. loan proceeds are for business or investment use

Form Printing Instructions


  1. All our forms print to "A," letter-size paper (8 ½” x 11”)
  2. PDF compatible software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. This software application can be downloaded for free from

Items to Include with your Loan Application

 Please include the following information (as available) on the coversheet:

  1. Property information: Address, Assessor Parcel Number, Brief Description
  2. The "Numbers":  Purchase Price, Repair Cost Estimate, After-repaired Value, Down Payment Amount, Loan Amount Requested.
  3. Name in which you plan to hold title to the property.
  4. Escrow Contact Information
  5. Scheduled (or requested) Closing Date
  6. Exit Strategy: How and when do you anticipate paying back the loan amount.
  7. Copies of the Purchase Contract, comps, estimates, etc.,
  8. Anything that helps us understand "your deal," helps us say "Yes."

Fax or mail the application to us.  If submitting sensitive information by attachment to e-mail, we advise encrypting with a password, and then calling us with the password so that we can open the file.